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What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a service that connects musical artists directly with fans to build communities around custom music projects. Through our artist-driven project stores, unique experiences, offerings, and limited edition collectibles come to life: from visits to the recording studio to LTD Edition custom box sets, instruments used in performances to handwritten manuscripts.

Each project store can host pre-sales for an existing creation or raise anywhere between $500 and $2M for a brand new project. All funds are held in escrow providing peace of mind for everyone; that is our pledge to you.


Why Launchpad?

Launchpad is powered by ArtistShare, the Internet's first "fan-funding" website and the most trusted name in artist funding and fan engagement services today. Founded in 2003, ArtistShare started it all. We have been providing premium business services to world class artists for over 18 years. ArtistShare pioneered a new breed of artist stores where the fans receive access to the creative process "behind the scenes" in addition to being able to purchase works from their favorite artists.

Our award-winning premium services and trusted partners help artists with every aspect of a project including cutting edge social media marketing, manufacturing, professional project review and shipping and fulfillment. We handle all of the heavy lifting allowing artists to just create.

We are a community of more than 200,000 fans and artists who believe there's a better way to experience the creative process through direct connections.


Launchpad is Trust

18 Years Strong

Launched in 2003, ArtistShare pioneered modern fan-funding and has more experience than any other platform. ArtistShare is proudly artist-owned and operated.

Award Winning

With 32 Grammy Nominations & 11 wins, ArtistShare has had unparalleled success in funding creative projects. Read more!

Expert Review

Every Launchpad project receives an expert project review by our team of highly skilled project managers. Our award winning and easy to use software provides the optimal project creation experience.

Secure Funds

All funds raised are held in escrow and then automatically released to the artist after the project ends giving everyone complete peace of mind.

Envision, Fund, Create, Deliver

We help bring ideas to life, both small and large.






A fully stocked toolbox to help artists succeed!

We help bring ideas to life, both small and large.


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