What is Fan-Funding?

Fan-funding is the the ability to bring creative projects to life through the collaboration of project creators and fans.

Fan-funding is not "crowdfunding"

Fan-funding at its core is based on the mutual respect and appreciation between the project creator and the fan. "Crowdfunding" runs the risk of reducing creativity to a transaction, ignoring the creator to fan relationship once the goal is met. For creative artists, this can be less than ideal.

Creativity is not about "all or nothing"

Creativity is a living, breathing process and fan-funding actively engages the creators with fans, creating lifetime bonds between people over years, even decades.


A Proven Track Record

13 Years

Launched in 2003, ArtistShare pioneered modern fan-funding and has more experience than any other platform.

Award Winning

With 29 Grammy Nominations & 10 Wins, ArtistShare has had unparalleled success in funding creative projects. Read more!

Expert Project Consultation and VIP Access

Expert Consultation

Every Launchpad project receives an expert project review by our team of highly skilled project managers. Our award winning project managers will help structure your project for optimal success and will develop a customized promotional plan to engage and grow your fan base.

VIP Access

Every contribution allows fans VIP Access to the creative experience and includes all shipping and handling. Fans will receive exclusive access to updates including images, videos and audio content directly from creators.

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We help bring ideas to life, both small and large.






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We help bring ideas to life, both small and large.


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