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How it all started

It all started in 2000 when musician/composer Brian Camelio was concerned with the way his friends in the music industry were being treated. He feared that unless something changed, the future of great art and music would be threatened by technological innovations such as the digitizing and sharing of music files. On the other hand, there was great power and potential for creative artists through the then largely un-tapped Internet. It was out of this idea that the ArtistShare model was born.

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ArtistShare Launches

Over the next three years, the concept, software and design for what would be the Internet's first fan-funding website was developed. The entire website and software based project management system was built by Brian in his studio apartment in New York, NY. It was in October 2003 that the first ArtistShare project was launched. It was to be a new studio recording by composer Maria Schneider.

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Our first Fan-Funded project wins a Grammy®

It worked! "Concert in the Garden" which was the CD funded by the fans in 2004 won a Grammy® in 2005. It was the first recording in history to win a Grammy® without being available in retail stores. And it was truly ground-breaking as it was funded by the fans. People said it couldn't be done but Maria Schneider and her fans proved that it could. Little did we know this was just the beginning.

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The word "crowdfunding" is coined

Use of the word "crowdfunding" was coined by Michael Sullivan in fundavlog in August 2006. ArtistShare was growing and our fan-funded projects received another Grammy® award plus three nominations. The concept was starting to catch on but it would not be for another few years that this idea of "crowdfunding" would be derived from the ArtistShare model.

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Online rewards-based funding gains momentum as others join the space

As the pioneer, it was only a matter of time before other individuals recognized the success of ArtistShare and started their own models. Although many focused on the transactional interaction for the “Crowd,” ArtistShare stayed true to their core beliefs that it is all about the shared experience as evidenced by multiple Grammy® nominations and wins.

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We celebrate 10 years of fan funding with the Blue Note partnership and ideas for a new company extension!

10 years of fan funding! To celebrate, we forged a new partnership with the famed Blue Note records creating the first joint fan-funding/major record label - Blue Note/ArtistShare. We also started to think about a next generation of the ArtistShare model. The idea was to take the mission of ArtistShare, create a turn - key website for the creative community and offer unique engagement opportunities to those that participate. It was not about the crowd………it was about the fan. Launchpad was the answer.

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ArtistShare Launchpad goes live!

After years in the making we are happy to say that Launchpad has officially arrived.