Fulfillment of all of your Sonicly needs

At Sonicly we've compiled a complete list of services to help you in fulfilling your project rewards. Our trusted fulfillment partners can assist in shipping, manufacturing and everything else you need to get your product into the hands of your fans.
Fulfillment by Sonicly

Disc and Vinyl

Whether you need 10,000 CDs or 10 copies of a deluxe double Vinyl with glow in the dark logos, these services can do it all.

CD Baby

CDBaby distributes music worldwide and on the workdwide web to retailers like iTunes, Amazon and more.

Disc Makers

Disc Makers offers complete CD, DVD and Blue-ray packages, in addition to design, authoring, and mastering services.

Oasis Disc Manufacturing

Oasis offers eco-friendly CD, DVD, and vinyl packaging options.


Stressed about shipping? Don't worry, the following fulfillment companies offer warehousing, packaging, shipping, tracking, returns management and even ongoing sales support.

Black Box

A shipping, packaging and custom fulfillment service for the creators of Cards Against Humanity.


Floship manages the end-to-end delivery of rewards, including global fulfillment delivery in over 200 countries.


Fulfillrite specializes in packaging and shipping rewards.


Shipwire fulfillment centers offer reward storage and global shipping solutions.


Shotput helps set up warehousing. They will pick up your rewards directly from the manufacture and ship them for you.


Whiplash is an order-fulfillment service that specializes in packaging and shipping.

Games Manufacturing

Did you create the next great card game? You're going to need help printing and distributing those cards. These services can help with everything you need to get your cards into the hands of your fans.

Ad Magic

Ad Magic prototypes, manufactures and delivers board, card and tabletop games.


Steam is a community focused on the world of gaming.

The Game Crafter

The Game crafter is a print on demand game publisher that prints playing cards, game boards, game pieces, rules, documents and custom packaging.

The United States Playing Card Company

The United States Playing Card Company creates high quality customizable playing cards. Each card can be custom designed to your specifications.


Unity is a development platform used by over a million developers each month to make games and other interactive content across 23 platforms.


The following companies offer domestic and international manufacturing services. They can help with product development and turn your prototype into a fully functional model.


BriteHub helps manage new product development by helping build realtionships with new suppliers while streamlining collaboration of assets and business transactions.

Dragon Innovation

Dragon Innovation's platform and deep expertise provide entrepreneur friendly manufacturing solutions to teams building hardware


FATHOM focuses on prototype fabrication, direct digital manufacturing, and bride to production services.


NIST runs a network of centers for partnership between the government and public or private entities. Creators can get help with manufacturing design, exporting and more.


PCH designs custom product solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Proto Labs

Proto Labs is a manufacturer of custom prototypes and low-volume production parts. They also offer the Cool Idea! Award, which provides an aggregate of up to$250,000 each year in gratis services to startups.

Worthington Assembly

Worthington Assembly is an electronics manufacturer based in Massachusetts.


Looks like your cartoon cat shirts have become the next Ed Hardy. Printing and delivering hundreds of thousands of t-shirts can be quite a burden. The following companies can help you out with creating and distributing your shirts to cat fanatics all over the world.


Amplifier combines order fulfillment, merchandise production, and customer service in one versatile and scalable platform.

Busy Beaver

Busy Beaver has been manufacturing buttons since 1995. They offer unique button finishes, custom magnets, and bottle openers.

Chop Shop

A full-service design studio that offers help with branding, illustration, and production.


Jakprints offers high-quality, affordable, and eco-friendly products in full color printing.


Quality printers that make custom shirts, totes, stickers, buttons, and more.


Glass sculptures are awesome! Broken glass isn't! These services can help keep your products in one piece using environmentally friendly materials.


Ecovative Design offers mushroom packaging, a premium and natural fabricated foam alternative. This packaging is custom-designed to block, brace, and cushion your rewards.


Lumi makes it easy to order custom packaging and supplies, everything from thousands of boxes to rubber stamps for projects of every size.


Pakible designs and manufactures custom printed boxes for retail and shipping purposes.


Uline has solutions for all your packaging needs and then some. Their products include everything from boxes to packing tape and labels.


The USPS offers FREE shipping supplies and you can use their website to schedule at-home pickups (no more lugging rewards to the post office).


Prototypes are a great way to show your fans how much progress has been made. These services can help you take your idea and turn it into a working model.

Design Central

Design Central helps creators with design, prototyping, engineering and transition to manufacturing.

OSH Park

OSH Park is a printed circuit board manufacturer, specializing in prototypes and small runs.


Octopart is a search engine for electronic components and industrial products. Use it to search for parts across thousands of supplies.


Shapeways offers High Definition 3D Printing for your designs in more than 50 materials.


The following companies can help with printing, publishing or sharing your e-book with distributors.


Blurb is the creative self-publishing platform for visual books and magazines. Print offset and on demand.


BookBaby offers services to help publish, promote and sell your books worldwide. Send one file, pay once and get eBooks, printed books, and Print On Demand.


Bookmobile offers high-quality book-printing, foil stamping, debossing, and printing services.


IngramSpark is the only publishing platform that delivers fully integrated print and digital distribution services to the book industry through a single source.


Lulu provides an open platform for authors to publish, print, and distribute their own work.

Make That Thing

Make That Thing helps artists and creators design, print, store, and ship whatever it is that they make.


PrintNinja offers commercial quality offset printing at a fraction of the commercial price, as well as fulfillment and warehousing services.


If you don't own a fleet of trucks or your own airline chances are you're going to need help with shipping. These services can help with everything from printing labels, stamps or providing tracking numbers. They can also help with shipping estimates for domestic and international.


Buy and print postage for letters and packages right from your home computer.


A simple tool to fulfill, ship and track rewards to overseas backers. Creators have complete visibility into guaranteed, all-inclusive costs for international shipments including duties, taxes, and shipping fees for 65 countries.


ShipStation allows creators to import, manage, and ship reward orders. Print labels and packaging slips for any of their supported carriers.


A shipping fulfillment software for eCommerce businesses, ShippingEasy offers label printing, tracking number correspondence, and phone, email, and chat support for their clients.


Shyp picks up your items, packs, and sends them anywhere in the world.


Stamps.com allows you to print your own stamps and shipping labels.


You can use the USPS's Postage Price Calculator to help estimate your shipping costs.

Tax & Legal

No one likes dealing with Taxes but these services can make your life much easier.

Brass Taxes

Brass Taxes offers tax advice for artists, freelancers, film makers, game developers, product designers, and other nice people.

US Patent & Trademark Office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office offers resources for independent inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses regarding various intellection property topics.