Privacy Policy

Effective May 20, 2018

What We Collect

In order for you to create an account on Launchpad and use our services, we need to collect and process some information. Depending on your use of the services, that may include:

What's Private

This data will not be publicly displayed or revealed to other users:

We don't give your personal information to any third-party services, except when it's necessary to provide Launchpad's services (like when we partner with payment processors). When we share data with third-party services that support our delivery of the Launchpad services, we require that they protect your personal information to the same standards we do.
We do reserve the right to disclose personal information when we believe that doing so is reasonably necessary to comply with the law or law enforcement, to prevent fraud or abuse, or to protect Launchpad's legal rights.

What's Only Shared With project owners

When you contribute to a project, the project's owner will know your account name, the amount you have contributed, and the reward you have selected. project owners never receive fans' credit card details or other payment information.

If a project you have funded is successfully funded, the project owner will receive the email address associated with your Launchpad account. They may also send you a survey requesting information needed to provide your reward. (For instance, they may need your mailing address, or T-shirt size.) Any information you provide in such surveys will be received by the project owner.

Project owners may also receive anonymized information about the ways people visit and interact with their project pages, in the form of routine traffic analytics. You can choose not to be included in Google Analytics here.

What's Public

When you create an account, we create a basic profile page for you on Launchpad, containing your account name, the date the account was created, and a list of projects you have funded or launched. Whenever your account name appears on Launchpad (for instance, when you post comments, send messages, or contribute to projects), people can click your account name to see your profile. The profile is not searchable on Launchpad or via search engines like Google. Here are some of the things that will be publicly viewable on your profile, or elsewhere on Launchpad:

Please note that each project page lists the community of users who have funded the project. If you don't want others to see your name in a project's fans tab, choose an account name that is not identifiable (e.g., SuperFan02).

Project owners are also asked to verify their identities before launching a project. Once this has been done, the project Owner's verified name will be publicly displayed on their account profile and on any projects they launch.

Uses Of Your Personal Information

We will use the personal information you provide to:

We take securing your data and preserving your privacy very seriously. We never post anything to your Facebook, Twitter, or other third-party accounts without your permission. Launchpad project owners never receive fans' credit card details or other payment information. We do not and will not sell your data.

European Union Data Transfer

Transfer of Data to the United States
We are based in the United States. By using our services you consent to the transfer of your personal data to the United States, and to the processing and use of that personal data in the United States. This processing and use is limited to what is described in this privacy policy and the terms of use.

Marketing Activities

We may use your information to offer you products and services that we think may be of interest to you, unless you have opted out of marketing communications. If you are in the European Economic Area, where required by applicable law, we will obtain your consent before sending you any marketing communications. You may object to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes at any time, free of charge, when we collect your personal information and in every marketing communication. We will never provide your information to third parties for marketing purposes without your prior consent.


The security of your personal information is important to us and we follow industry standards to protect it. Full credit card numbers are never accessed by our system, and the most sensitive data we store, such as tax forms, are encrypted to keep them secure.
To further protect your information we suggest using a strong and unique password for your ArtistShare account. We also offer two-factor authentication as an additional security measure.

Exercising Your Data Rights

You can exercise rights over your data in the following ways:
Modifying the Information in Your Account
You can modify or delete certain information associated with your account on the settings page

Disabling Your Account

You can disable your account at any time by contacting with your request.

Please be aware that this is a final act and you cannot log into your account again after it has been disabled. When you disable your account, we immediately remove your ability to log in. If you create a new account, you will be asked to use a different email address from the one you used previously. Even if an account is disabled, some information may be retained by our analytics providers on their own servers.

Removing Marketing Emails

You can stop receiving marketing emails by changing your email settings. While this removes your marketing emails, service related emails are still sent, including how you can optimize your ArtistShare experience and suggestions for which artists to follow.

Turning off Mobile Notifications

If you download the ArtistShare App you may also receive notifications on your mobile device. These can be disabled in the App settings.

Understanding Our Data Retention Periods

We retain your information for up to ten years, unless you disable your account information from your account settings. Please note that once you disable your account, you will not be able to log in again. If you want to log into ArtistShare again by creating a new account, you may be prompted to use a new email address from the one you previously used on your disabled account.

Additional Questions Related to Privacy

For additional privacy-related questions about your account, you may email us at