Why is Sonicly the best solution for musicians?

musicians (and fans) spoke about existing platforms and we listened


The top concerns about other platforms were

  • "I don't want to ask my fans for money."

    The last thing musicians want their fans to feel is that they are approaching them with a donation cup. It's a mistake to approach your fans that way. We are not about sending the message "I need money. Can you help?". We are all about allowing fans to experience something special with each project you post on Sonicly, forging artist/fan relationships that could become life-long. [read more]


  • "A subscription model is too much of a commitment."

    We agree, the subscription model locks you in to a schedule that is not natural for most musicians. With a subscription model, musicians run the risk of alienating their best fans as a subscription can turn into a churn of B-grade material over time. Sonicly's solution is based on creating a series of projects according to your schedule. Projects big or small, weekly, monthly or yearly, at your own creative pace. [read more]


  • "I'm afraid it's not going to work (the campaign will fail)"

    There are no "failed" projects on Sonicly. Since our model is based on posting consecutive projects over a period of time, it is much easier to set realistic targets and goals. Even if a project doesn't reach the target set, it quietly closes and fans are not charged, giving you the opportunity to cancel, modify or reschedule for a later date. Zero pressure. We also provide an "Unconditional Support" option for your fans, unique to Sonicly, that gives your fans the choice to support your project unconditionally! [read more]


  • "Setting up a project is too much work"

    At Sonicly we have solved that problem. You can set up your projects in minutes, rather than hours (or days). Give it a try. Start your first project today. [read more]



All music is crowdfunded

  • What do you think of when hear the term "crowdfunding"?

    Maybe a large, time-consuming project with only two possible outcomes - success or failure? (success meaning you now have to figure out how to ship t-shirts, CDs and vinyl all over the world) Perhaps you view crowdfunding as way to ask for assistance in a time of need, like after an accident or tragedy?


  • Forget (almost) everything you know about crowdfunding ... especially if you're a musician.

  • The problem isn't crowdfunding. In fact, all music is funded by 'crowds' of fans -- it's just a question of what's left for the artist after the middlemen take their cut. The problem is the choice of crowdfunding options that have been available to musicians.


  • With Sonicly, you can create projects of any size as often as you'd like. As small as a single song or an invite-only livestream or an intimate in-home performance. As large as a brand new album with a variety of tiered offer packages.


  • Create projects at whatever frequency works for you. Weekly or monthly to create the sustainability of a subscription service -- without the burden of feeling obligated to put something out on a fixed schedule. Or simply create a project whenever inspiration strikes ... no pressure.


  • Create projects without the fear of failure. No posted money targets (only percentages). No published count of fans. No project too small (or too large). Just you connecting with your fans. Give them the option of purchasing offers or providing Unconditional Support (which you receive before your project even ends!). Either way, everyone wins.


  • Remove middlemen from the equation. Your fans want to support you directly, they just haven't been given a good way to do that. Streaming micropayments through a third-party is no substitute for a direct connection between fan and artist ... and certainly no way for you to achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be. Traditional crowdfunding has been about asking for money. Now, with Sonicly, it's about taking control. Control of your time, your finances, your connection with your fans. Because, in the end, all music is crowdfunded.